The cry of this generation is a longing for community. Real friendships with real people who really care. We created the GreenHouse to be an environment where you can come and connect at whatever place you are in your spiritual journey - and have a great time!


After people connect with the GreenHouse, a natural next step is to engage. When we think about engaging, we think about the example Jesus showed us of engaging with God and people. This might look like helping a friend grow up in their faith, sharing the hope of Jesus with a classmate who is struggling to find hope, or pursuing opportunities to deepen your own relationship with God.


Healthy things grow.  Our goal as a community is to partner with God in creating a healthy environment where people grow.  Growth might mean moving toward healing from your past. It might mean understanding the gospel for the first time and putting your faith in Jesus and becoming a Christ follower.  It might mean having someone walk alongside you and speak into your life.


A grassroots gospel-centered ministry rooted in community

The GreenHouse is the college aged and young adult ministry of New Hope Church.  We wanted to create environments where young people could connect with each other and Jesus.   So the stuff we do is rooted in those two pursuits - Jesus and community.


Our passion is Jesus, love, and relationships.

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Our big picture focus is this: to love and serve God and people.  That means we want to help those inside and outside the community of faith come to better understand how the great news of Jesus relates to their everyday lives, and we want to help those who already follow Jesus to better reflect him into the lives of those around them.

Everyone has a next step to take. Whether you have been following Jesus for years or you are new to the whole church thing, we have ways for you to get involved.



New Hope Church

We believe Jesus created the church to play a vital role in our world. So, The GreenHouse is an integrated part of the larger local community of New Hope Church. Therefore, we encourage people to engage in and benefit from what the church is and does. For example, New Hope’s weekend services are a great Jesus-centered learning and worshipping experience. As a group, The GreenHouse usually participates in the 11am gathering on Sunday, but there is also a worship gathering at 9am.


Micro Groups

These are smaller groups of 4-5 people (generally men or women) where you can dive into the Bible, develop your prayer life, and talk about what a next step might look like in your walk with God.


GreenHouse Community

We have an MSU GreenHouse Community that is meeting in the south Wonders study lounge on Thursdays at 7pm.

We also have a Young Adult GreenHouse Community that meets on Wednesdays 7pm at 4600 Pioneer Dr. in Okemos, MI.

Which one should you go to? We have designed both of these communities around the mission of connecting and engaging friends in the gospel. So if you’re excited about the mission of Jesus on campus at MSU - jump in there. If your affinity connections are more in the young adult world, jump in there!



You were made for adventure. We want to help foster that adventure!  This year we have some fun trips planned - camping, retreats, ski getaways, spring break, service/mission trips...

For more info | | @thegreenhousecommunity